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Conversations with actors and creators of Science Fiction.

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Robert Kiesling

Nov. 24, 2020

In his novel Discredited Citizen, an AI judge holds a police officer's fate in its metalic hands. (…

Byte Ian Mc Shane American Gods

Nov. 23, 2020

Actor who is Mr Wednesday talks season one.

Jody Barton

Nov. 22, 2020

We talk about his film For Jennifer and how it's part of a series of films which is unheard of for …

Byte Prospect

Nov. 21, 2020

Interview with Sophie Thatcher who is Cee in Prospect and her co-director Zeek Earl.

Byte Wendy Zukerman Science Vs

Nov. 20, 2020

Interview with science journalist and host of The Science Vs podcast on Gimlet Media.

Alain Moussi

Nov. 19, 2020

Actor talks about his latest movie, Jiu Jitsu with a team of martial artist actors and Nicolas Cage…

Byte Brenton Thwaites On Robin In Titans

Nov. 18, 2020

Actor talks about playing Robin and his character's evolution in Titans,

Batman Death In The Family 2

Nov. 17, 2020

More from NYCC with Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Martella, Zehra Fazal and writer director Brandon Viet…

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