Hi Welcome to my blog.The postings relate mostly to the Sci-Fi Talk Podcast and exclusive videos I produce.

This is also a curated blog which means that I get stories related to science fiction, horror, fantasy and comics from around the web and showcase them here.

Additionally you can listen to my podcasts and see my videos including my Youtube series, Behind The Curtain which is look at genre movies.

Here is a description of the dedicated pages:

The Geek Intiative – Info on this joint venture that brings dynamic contact that you can influence.

DC Animation – Page that showcases the latest animation

Sci-Fi Talk Official Page – just has my latest curated posts.

Premium – was my Sci-Fi Talk Premium Service that is now being phased out.

Subscribe to Podcast – allows you to easily subscribe to my podcast or you can subscribe below.

Contact using the contact form below. I answer them all. Thanks and welcome.

Enjoy and come back often.


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