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Science Fiction Tv & Film

Abubakar Salim

Oct. 6, 2020

Actor who is Father in the Ridley Scott produced Raised By Wolves.

Science Fiction Writers

Aaron Guzikowski Raised By Wolves

Sept. 29, 2020

The creator and showrunner of this Ridley Scott produced series talks about the premise of two synthetic humans raising children on an alien planet.

Science Fiction Tv & Film

Peter Macon

Sept. 8, 2020

Actor in The Orville as Lt Commander Bortus talks to me about this important subject plus we chat about the Orville.

Science Fiction Writers

Lou Diamond Phillips

Sept. 1, 2020

He has written his first sci-fi novel, The Tinderbox: The Soldier of Indira We also talk Prodigal Son, directing, his work in La Bamba and Stand And Deliver.