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April 2014 Edition



Recently widowed Audrey moves to the countryside in a bid to get her life back on track. When she realizes the cottage she’s renting is haunted, she decides to stay and strikes up an odd relationship with the ghost…More

Brian Henson Q And A

BrianHensonHome "What we say is your creature has to do this performance for – whatever it is – two minutes and it has to get through that two minute screen test and look great. But the truth is if it falls apart right after the cameras cut – if it falls to bits, you still win because the point was to bring that creature to life in the most believable and most intriguing way for the length of the screen test and that really is part of what we do.When we build a creature that we know has to do one shot, we will build the creature very differently than a creature that we’re going to build that needs to have a redo 40 lines of dialogue across 20 pages of the script. " More


ContinuumHomeRachel Nichols: I mean, for me it was when I read that I was really excited about it. I was really excited about the idea of this weird kind of potential, we’re certainly not on the same side but maybe we’re not total enemies anymore kind of friendship to form and my relationship with Garza really is interwoven throughout the season and it is – it does take a lot of twists and turns. It was something really, really fun to shoot as well. Luvia and I would have a great time together and I like when we get to have that opportunity for uncertainty in a relationship which we do quite frequently but this is the first time aside from the few times I had an alliance-ish More


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Bree Turner: Well the proposal – I mean the whole episode was super fun for us to shoot.There was – we really packed in the whole episode from the roller-coaster promotions, from the night of the proposal and then getting engaged and then the parents coming in the end – it’s really filled. Silas Weir Mitchell: The writers really make it as complicated as they possibly can.And so as soon as you think everything is fine, you know, the parents show up and it gets extremely difficult. But yes the shooting of that scene was really, it was fun. More

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BittenQATime Capsule Episode 148 – Comments from cast and director from Captain America The Winter Soldier.A fond goodbye to Being Human with Anna Fricke, Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath. Spotlight has Laura Vandervoort, Greg Byrk and Greyson Holt of Bitten.


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The Walking Dead Terminus: Four Things We Know (blog) One of the biggest unanswered questions of Season 4 of The Walking Dead has been exactly what is the mysterious place called Terminus. From



Headlines & Global News ‘Batman vs. Superman‘ (Man of Steel 2) Update: BATSUIT And Official Title … Headlines & Global News There are rumors claiming the “Batman vs. Superman” big title and costume reveals will occurred in April.


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