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March 4, 2015




Premieres Tuesday, March 24 at 10PM – Haunting: Australia is an eight-part unscripted series featuring six of the best ghost hunters in the world. Hailing from all corners of the globe, the Haunting: Australia ghost hunters join forces to investigate paranormal activity in Australia’s most haunted locations, traveling across the country unearthing ghostly evidence.



A new Administration is taking office before January 2017! Syfy and The Asylum today announced that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (Shark Tank) will play the President of the United States with political commentator/author Ann Coulter joining him as Vice President in the eagerly anticipated original movie Sharknado 3.Anthony C. Ferrante will once again direct, based on an original screenplay by Thunder Levin.


12 Monkeys - Season 1


The Core that powers the time machine is fading. To get Cole back from the past, Jones must convince her former colleagues at the military operation "Spearhead" that her mission is worth saving.
ScienceLogo UFO Dogfight (WORLD PREMIERE) - A string of lights crashes into Canadian waters, and the government declares a UFO incident; a silvery object streaks across the New Zealand skies at high speed; and, in Iran, fighters are scrambled to investigate a UFO, leading to a bizarre dogfight - 10:00PM Thursday    
WE ARE STILL HERE  StillHereDirected by Ted Geoghegan Produced by Travis Stevens, Greg Newman, Malik B. Ali, Badie Ali, Hamza Ali Cast: Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie,Larry Fessenden, Monte Markham In the cold, winter fields of New England, there sits a house that wakes up every 30 years and demands a sacrifice.
DEATHGASM Deathgasm Directed by Jason Lei Howden Produced by Andrew Beattie, Sarah Howden, Ant Timpson, Greg Newman Cast: Milo Cawthorne (BLOOD PUNCH), James Blake, Kimberley Crossman (POWER RANGERS SAMURAI), Stephen Ure (THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT)New kid in town Brodie and bad-boy Zakk quickly bond over their mutual admiration of heavy metal. But when these two metal thrashing losers unwittingly summon malevolent forces, their dreams of stardom may just have to be put on hold.
Quantum The anticipated sequel to the acclaimed AGE OF SCORPIO.  It’s a fast-moving SF thriller set in a uniquely dark future from an acclaimed voice in the tradition of Peter F. Hamilton and Richard Morgan.
AnniversaryBadgeThis year marks my tenth anniversary podcasting. I celebrate my ten years which was not possible without you, the listeners. I have some special podcasts now available again to celebrate. More
POWERS: An Inside Look, a new behind-the-scenes video takes you on location for an up close and personal look at the cast and crew working to bring this unique vision to life. Actors Sharlto Copley (Christian Walker), Susan Heyward (Deena Pilgrim), Noah Taylor (Johnny Royalle), Eddie Izzard (Wolfe), Michelle Forbes (Retro Girl), writer and showrunner Charlie Huston, and co-creators Bendis and Oeming offer insight into the production and the world of POWERS itself.  

The inaugural Artemis Women in Action Film Festival will be held in Los Angeles from Friday thru Sunday (April 24- April 26, 2015). Female action heroes can be a talisman for a more shining ideal of the roles possible to a woman. Instead of the long-suffering wife, the dutiful assistant or the weeping victim, they see reflected, the hero, the warrior, the leader."One such honoree will be Angela Meryl (Kill Bill, Pirates of The Caribbean) who will be on-hand to receive the first ever Artemis Stunt Unsung Heroine Award, with many more honorees to be announced in the upcoming days.

Feb had the Dead, now March has some of my best conversations with Whedon, Emerson, and so much more. Plus all month long The Following Seasons 1 – 3 podcasts and a special Premium only Kevin Bacon: Following Ryan Hardy Podcast Special.



The actor who will always be Spock chatted with me back in 2009 about his days with a small LA theater company, The Star Trek Episode, Naked Time plus appearing for JJ Abrams in the Star Trek movie and Fringe.

AARON AND AMANDA MokeysHome2 Aaron Stamford and Amanda Schull of SyFy’s 12 Monkeys joined us reporters to discuss this new series. More  
MonkeysHomeTo brief us on the world of 12 Monkeys here are two of the co-executive producers in Travis Fickett and Terry Matalas. They spoke to us at a roundtable at New York Comic Con.More
Burning2Director Rene Perez's THE BURNING DEAD (formerly VOLCANO ZOMBIES), starring action superstar Danny Trejo (MACHETE, TVs SONS OF ANARCHY), arrives March 3rd on digital and VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment. THE BURNING DEAD pits a horde of lava-filled zombies against a sheriff charged with the plight to rescue an estranged family from a volcano eruption. Trejo plays Night Wolf, a Native American warrior who knows way too much about the curse that unearthed the coffin dodgers.
DOCOFTHEDEADWhy have zombies had such a huge impact on film, TV and popular culture? Find out in Altitude Film Distribution’s highly entertaining DOC OF THE DEAD  From the makers of The People Vs. George Lucas, Alexandre Phillipe’s film features a wide array of zombie legends to keep fans and newbies satiated including George Romero, Simon Pegg, Bruce Campbell, Robert Kirkmann and Tom Savini
Outlander_2014_BD_FrontLeftLimited Collector’s Edition also arrives March 3, featuring a 32-page Book with Excerpts from the Scripts, Photographs & an Introduction from Author Diana Gabaldon Bonus Features Include All-New Featurettes with Exclusive-to-Blu-ray Deleted Scenes & Commentary with Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore      
Vintage 1997 Interview conducted on the air on NY Radio with Ernest Lilley and myself the week that Buffy premired. Music is by Ocean Alexander.

Mark has the distinction in appearing in Lost as Jacob and Lucifer in Supernatural. We chat about those roles plus his horror screenplay


He was the mysterious Henry Gale Aka Ben Limus on Lost. This actor began his career on stage working with Kevin Spacey and Roger Rees.

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