The Real Danger In Westworld Is A Human One



As portrayed in HBO’s Westworld, humanity has solved many of the afflictions that plague us today except one, humanity itself. A.I.’s are in our lives right now If you play video games, more than likely you’re playing against an A.I. . In the Madden football games, it learns your tendencies and will try to beat them.

In this world of Westworld, guests either can kill or have sex with the hosts (sophisticated androids) who are programed into a daily routine that can be interupted by the whims of any guest. The frightening thing is how they treat them laughly after brutual kills or in the case of Ed Harris sadistic guest, rape and the quest to play a bigger game then the one he knows all too well.

In the case of the creators of these walking A.I.’s they treat them like programs to be fixed or upgraded shown extremely well in the case of Anthony Hopkins’ Ford. If these new creatures are a new form of life, they are more no more than slaves to please their hosts. But even in the first episode, we are shown that they are more than the sum of their programing.

In Star Trek The Next Generation, Commander Data is treated like one of the crew. His programing and maybe his own self image wants to be human. In the Star Wars universe, droids serve both sides of light and dark. Their programing is limited so they have no desire to run the whole thing. If we are truly going to move ahead with more sophisticated A.I.’s that serve us and work with us then we have to look to Westworld as it seems to be a cautionairy tale that as they become more human we become less.


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