INTERVIEW: Shadowhunter’s Kate McNamara


Katherine McNamara is an accomplish singer and dancer in addition to being smart (she graduated high school at 14) You see her on the Freeform series, ‘Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments’ as Clary Frey. I spoke to her recently about the series second season and the recent episode,” Dust And Shadows’.I remarked what keeps the series grounded for me in this supernatural world are the relationships between her mother and brother. She told me that that keeps it grounded for her as well to be able to play this. I asked if her dance background helps with the fight choregraphy. She said “Actually it hurts sometimes because some of the moves go against your dance training. But we have a really good stunt team  that makes it easier.” For season two she remarked that  “This season we’re able to literally take all the characters and twist them around because we were able to ground them in season one.” Her relationship with Alec ( Matthew Daddario) will be more complex.”She knows that he is not to blame for her mother’s death. It was a demon.But this will bother him throughout the season.” What I  liked about the episode was that two characters are battling their form of addictions. Simon (Alberto Rosende) is trying to control his vampire need for blood. Katherine like that he “came out”to his mother. Then there is the matter of Isabelle’s (Emeraude Toubia)  growing dependency on a cream that  helps her deal with her demon fighting injuries but as she was warned to be used sparingly. Both those issues she felt deal with issues facing us today but in way we can relate to as an audience.As to what is coming this season, she told to expect lots of crisis this year with “all the characters going through some life altering events. Clary herself is going to be on the “doorstep of death itself.”
Special thanks to Freeform and Feren Communications. Photos courtesy of Freeform.


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