Writers Episodes

Comics Writers

The Trap

Oct. 29, 2020

Interview with former all pro Lance Briggs and his co-writer Kyle Higgins about their story of a future story of a youth that tries to beat the odds with his natural athletic ability,


Byte Robert Kiesling

Oct. 26, 2020

Author Robert Kiesling imagines a future with robot judges and human defandants in Discredited Citizen

Comics Writers

Lizard In A Zoot Suit

Oct. 20, 2020

Interview with Marco Finnegan about his graphic novel based on the Zoot suit riots in Los Angeles in the 1940's. We riff on Latino culture and representation in our entertainment.

Comics Writers

Edgeworld And 40 Seconds Comixology Originals

Oct. 13, 2020

Interview with comic writers and illustrator Chuck Austen and Jeremy Haun on their Comixology Originals.

Science Fiction Writers

Aaron Guzikowski Raised By Wolves

Sept. 29, 2020

The creator and showrunner of this Ridley Scott produced series talks about the premise of two synthetic humans raising children on an alien planet.


Adam Roberts The Compelled

Sept. 10, 2020

Interview with the Arthur C Clarke nominated author on his novel where people suffer a compulsion to build things.

Science Fiction Writers

Lou Diamond Phillips

Sept. 1, 2020

He has written his first sci-fi novel, The Tinderbox: The Soldier of Indira We also talk Prodigal Son, directing, his work in La Bamba and Stand And Deliver.


David Koepp

Aug. 30, 2020

Interview with talented screenwriter and director about his new Audible original in Yard Work performed by Kevin Bacon.


EH Allen

Aug. 4, 2020

Author of Richie Millstone, The Firewater Dragon, And The Platinum Water Crystal about dragons and time travel.

Tv & Film Writers

Ann Hornaday Back To The 70's

Aug. 3, 2020

Film critic of The Washington Post talks about her article where she looked back at the films of the 1970's and their impact today.