April 13, 2017

Andrew Lincoln And Chandler Riggs At SDCC 2014

Andrew Lincoln And Chandler Riggs At SDCC 2014

As they have been paired many times in past roundtables, Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs chatted with us reporters on what lies ahead for the Grimes boys.

Tony Tellado: In Season 4 the arc between Rick and Carl was interesting. Usually teens rebel against their fathers a bit but you were on steroids. Talk about that a bit.

Chandler Riggs: (Laughs) The relationship between Andy and I is….Andy, Norman, Steve, and all those guys never grew up from when they were twelve. They’re like kids on the set. So it’s always good when I hang out with them.

Question: So chocolate pudding, do you hate it now ?

Chandler Riggs: Now I do.

Andrew Lincoln approaches our table and says “Riggs, What’s Up “

Chandler Riggs: What’s Up ?

Andrew Lincoln: Do you mind if I join you ?

Chandler Riggs: Have a seat.

Reporter: We were talking about the relationship between Carl and Rick. What was it like working through all that and building it up again.

Chandler Riggs: Between Carl and Rick, it’s really interesting. In season one, he really looked up to him and stood behind him and the same in season two .In the second half of two he was more independent and more like the rebellious teenager. In season three he learned to really respect his dad and see him as a good leader.Once Carl loses his mom and Rick loses his wife, it all goes downhill. Then Carl comes out and says, “I don’t think you should be the leader. Carl could see that Rick was so stressed that he just took an ax and chopped up a bunch of zombies. Then in season 4, he sees that Rick has stepped down from the leadership role, and kind of took on the role of being a father more. That’s the idea of Rick that Carl loves. He really respects him for that. Throughout the season, you see him make the decisions that a normal father would kind of do. Him taking away his gun is like a normal kid getting his phone taken away or something for a while for doing something bad. I shot a kid.This was kind of punishment. It’s really cool on how they wrote for the relationship between us.

Reporter: It’s kind of you’re learning to respect him and he’s learining how to respect you and see you as a man. And you’re trying to see him as a man. It’s really great stuff.

Andrew Lincoln: I think that’s where we pick up. We’ve done a lot of healing in this relationship. And you see us in the worst place we’ve ever been. And yet we’re probably at the most unified. And certainly Rick is the most conflict free he’s ever been which makes him incredibly dangerous and a great leader.I think that there is unspoken bond that’s been really galvanized in the last season.We can’t go into detail but there’s some really…All I can say is that it carries on. It makes complete season in where we left it and where we go next.

Reporter: What about that insane scene where Rick and Daryl reconnect ? (The attack on gang, and Carl’s almost rape)

Andrew Lincoln: Yes ,The Love Bite Scene. I think that was the least conflicted a person could be about protecting your son. I don’t have anything on me so I’m going to bite (gang member from gang Daryl falls into) , no weapon, the only way I’m going to protect my son is this. I was worried about the scene when I read it because I was concerned about the violence. I understood the metaphor. The walkers bit people now humans bite people. Rick Grimes, the cop bites people. I get that. But I was concerned that it wouldn’t track. Then I did the scene and it made complete sense like most things that Scott Gimple writes. I went , “Well of course.” He’s the same man that when Shane tried to kill him and couldn’t , Rick could. The same guy. It goes, you’re going to kill and violate my son, I will tear your throat out.And I think it was incredibly brutal but the payoff is the scene afterwards with Daryl. He says, “I would have gone through this again just to have found you.”. That’s the beauty, that’s what I love about the show. You can push really the extremities of some of the scenes as long as there’s hope and a reason for it which is “I found you again, you’re my brother.That’s how important it is to found you again after this terrible tragedy.

Tony Tellado: I thought what was brilliant was splitting everyone up. Michone and Carl bonded.

Andrew Lincoln: Yes family.How good was he in that episode ? How beautiful was that ? This young man lead the show and I just laid on the couch and snored. He just shouted at me.

Reporter: And girgled a little.

Andrew Lincoln: There’s a little bit of girgling.

Chandler Riggs laughs.

Andrew Lincoln: But it’s amazing. I agree with you. I think it’s…the bits that I did the family stuff..the little nuance. People trying somehow to pull each other through the day. I love the relationship, the fine line is one of my favorite things. “It’s for you.” It’s a great line.And he gets to laugh because it’s such a relief.Because he’s been so scared. I was so scared for my son, it’s the weakest he’s ever been and yet the boy becomes the man. It’s the story of that played out with zombies.

Reporter: The trailer that we saw (Season Five Trailer at SDCC) there was an emphasis on “You are my family” “Where are my people ? “ It seems that season five deals with more unifying.

Andrew Lincoln: There’s a thing that I discovered. I think is that I am discovering this season is that if you stand alongside Rick, you’re family.Stand beside us.if you stand in front of us, then you’re a problem. This season is about which side are you going to take. That’s interesting because Rick is in an uncompromising brutal place. That can work for people in front of us but also for people within the group.

Tony Tellado: I kind of look at the analogy of the cobra and the mongoose. You all are the mongoose trapped in that rail road car but if the cobra lets you out. Watch out.

Andrew Lincoln: You know the real line,(last line of season 4, he wanted to swear) I wasn’t allowed to…They wouldn’t let me

Chandler Riggs: You only said one take.

Andrew Lincoln: I only did one take that they used. I said “I’m not going to say it.” This what was scripted and I wanted to say because Rick, he’s an archetype. You never hear him blaspheme, swear. He’s not that guy. I thought it was a great turning point but they didn’t go for it.Sadly

Reporter: You can say it now.

Andrew Lincoln: I’ m not going to say it.They’ve got in on tape.They’ve got enough

Reporter: DVD extra maybe.

Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs: It’s on.

Chandler Riggs: It’s on the Blu Ray.

Andrew Lincoln: That’s the director’s cut.

Reporter: I’m so glad about the family element. I feel that’s a lot of the heart behind the series. I that’s whay resonates with a vast majority of fans.

Chandler Riggs: With the whole family thing, I think after the second half of season 4, they found out when they are split apart, they are extremely vulnerable to anything. And so when they are together they are impenetrable. You can’t get rid of them as you find out with Terminus.Apart we can’t really do anything. So that’s why that line you talked about , “Where are our people” because we want our family back, we want to stay strong.

Reporter: Is that Rick holding Judith in the season five trailer ?

Andrew Lincoln: Is it in the trailer ?

Chandler Riggs: It’s in the trailer

Reporter: Why did they do that ?

Andrew Lincoln: (Shouts toward Scott Gimple showrunner ) Scott !

He goes over to Scott Gimple’s roundtable.

Andrew Lincoln returns

Andrew Lincoln: We really can’t say anything if the baby is alive and if we ever see her again. There’s always hope. I like to think. (smiles) That’s the thing,it’s Carol, Tyrese and the baby. We have no idea where they are.

Chandler Riggs: I think the big priority at the end of season four is getting out of Terminus. It’s not even finding them at that point.

Andrew Lincoln: It’s just getting out of the box.

Reporter: Were you just by watching the show yourselves on what you got away with this season ? With the children

Andrew Lincoln: Very surprised.

Reporter: I was amazed with your scene of the almost rape and the two little girls died. I was surprised that I didn’t hear more people freaking out about that.

Andrew Lincoln: No one said anything about the violence. Which is great because people go, “Yeah” because they’re invested. “I’m a parent.I have children. That’s what I would do. That’s the strength of our show when the writing is good. And the writing has been magnificent.We’ve been so lucky with these guys all the way through the seasons. We took the gloves off last year. Those two episodes were incredibly edgy. And I think we’re moving into territory this season, we’re going into the heart of darkness. This is a grown up show. A very brutal show.

Chandler Riggs: A messed up show

Andrew Lincoln: I think ultimately..I wouldn’t call it a moralistic show but there’s a deep sense of heart within the show.

Reporter: I was discussing the story with Carol and little girls on the level of Steinbeck stuff. Like Cormac McCarthy.

Andrew Lincoln: I love The Road. I think The Road is one of the greatest modern fables. I think it’s an extraordinary piece of writing. It’s poetry. I love the fact that it’s so brutal. It shows human beings…This is the deal. This is what would go down. I bought it even tough it’s genre. It’s fiction. It’s science fiction. It was always intended that this is the story. This is two years into this…Hell. The only people left are just as brutal, as tenacious , as practical as we are. That’s where we’re going. That’s not to negate the fact that it’s still a thrill ride. It’s still has moments of tenderness earned in this Hell. I do feel that it is a very grown up certainly what we shot so far. Would you say the same ?

Chandler Riggs: Oh Yeah

Andrww Lincoln: The opening scene of this season, the crew when we shot it, we all were dumb struck and said, “We’re not going to be able to show this.” And we are showing it.

Reporter : It’s a jaw dropper ?

Andrew Lincoln: I couldn’t believe it , We’ve seen a lot on this show. This is a battle hardned crew and they were going, “Really “ But Greg (Nicotero) and Tom (Luse Producer) said that “Oh Yeah”

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