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Haunted Highway Q And A

Devin Marble and Jael De Pardo of Haunted Highway joined us reporters for an informative Q and A For the start of season one

Tony Tellado: Hi guys, how are you? I’m curious on how you’re going to give this show its own identity compared to some of the other paranormal shows. Is the Highway kind of like the key word here?

Devin Marble: Hey Tony.

Jael de Pardo: To start, the difference with this show is that we’re out there documenting a lot of this phenomena on our own.We go out as two separate teams and we’re documenting it with our own cameras. It’s a road trip of sorts. And we go to these destinations, the back roads of the United States, and essentially we’re filming our own documentary.

Devin Marble: Right. I have never worked on a show like this before and what makes it unique is that there is absolutely nothing to get in the way of us finding what’s potentially haunted out there. It’s just me, Jael and the cameras in our hands. And that kind of seclusion is really going to give the show a unique feel.

Tony Tellado: Very cool. Thanks guys. Jael we will miss you on Fact or Faked. It was great that you were doing that for a while…

Jael de Pardo: Oh yes. Well, Fact or Faked is definitely still a possibility for the future.

Devin Marble: Yes, we’re not going anywhere Tony.

Tony Tellado: Okay. Good, guys. Well it’s exciting that you guys have a new project to keep us busy on Tuesday nights. I’m was just wondering what do you find the most difficult being that it really is the two of you out there shooting your own documentary? Do you think that you’re able to cover it all?

Devin Marble: I think that sometimes one of the hardest things about being secluded is that we’re literally in places where there’s zero lights and only stars and it’s completely dark. And sometimes it’s very difficult to find each other again because there are times when we don’t have walkies on us or whatnot.You’ll have to see the show to see what happens, but sometimes that’s the hardest thing is getting separated and staying safe and finding each other again.

Jael de Pardo: Well the difference also with having the support of a production team and a camera crew. At this point it’s Devin and I filming everything.So not only are we aware of the investigation but we’re also trying to stay aware and conscious of the cameras and getting the shots. So there’s more elements that are involved that we’re actually staying abreast of throughout the investigation.

Devin Marble: Yes, that’s a really good point. That’s probably definitely the hardest thing is that if we don’t shoot it, it doesn’t – people don’t see it.

Jael de Pardo: Yes, exactly. I know Devin knows that I had some trouble at first trying to stay conscious of the fact that I was filming myself with the camera. And with his tech expertise he was able to give me some tips.

Devin Marble: Yes. Sometimes I had to be like, “Jael, you need to point the camera. There you go. All right, now we got it.” Well it sounds like there’s some good extra content possibly there.

Jael de Pardo: Yes. Yes, sure. Yes, if they decide to make a blooper reel, it would be very funny.

Devin Marble: Seriously. Oh my goodness.

So now you’re out there on the first investigation, and I’m wondering like what are the – like I don’t know if it’s all paranormal or cryptids or what, and what out there would you be frightened of running into the most, be it paranormal or not?

Jael de Pardo: For example we were in Arkansas and we were out in the middle of the woods. And people were talking about lots of different creatures there.

Devin Marble: Well you have to consider the natural creatures that are in the area. Aside from being potentially frightened of the dangers of a cryptid or a beast, quite honestly more likely we’re going to run into a bear or a mountain lion.

Jael de Pardo: Yes a coyote,there’s snakes out there. So we’re definitely contending with nature…

Devin Marble: A lot.

Jael de Pardo: …wolves and so forth. So that can be kind of creepy, especially when you’ve been talking to the locals all day and everyone’s talking about this giant beast that you’re out there looking for, and then you hear a howl off in the distance. It can be a little jarring.

Devin Marble: Absolutely. And the lights and the noise and the commotion that is made from a large production crew is just not something that we have on this show, so it’s very easy for you to be right next to nature – something like an animal and – potentially a cryptid of some sort.

Jael de Pardo: It’s just us and the darkness. I got to catch the first episode. I did notice in the first episode it – it almost – it had like a horror movie-esque kind of filming because there isn’t any additional like background music playing during the scenes. So being out there do you have that same kind of experience?

Devin Marble: Absolutely. I mean, “Blair Witch” kind of started the found footage genre, and that’s essentially what this kind of show is. I mean, we just took that and made it as real as possible.

Jael de Pardo: Yes, it’s like a TV series that is just a group that’s out there documenting some kind of paranormal phenomena out on the road on their own. And like Devin said, it’s kind of movie “The Blair Witch Project.” I hope that you guys will be able to keep up team work on both shows. So hope to see you both back at “Fact or Faked,” you know, debunking and doing some paranormal work there. And maybe you guys will catch your own, you’ll be able to cross over there.

Devin Marble: Hey.

Jael de Pardo: Absolutely. We’re happy to be involved in both projects. Devin Marble: That’s right.

Tony Tellado: Hello again guys. First of all I want to congratulate you both on a great Fact or Faked season. It was a lot of fun this year.

Jael de Pardo: Thank you. Tony Tellado: I felt that you guys kind of really got it together a little more. It just seemed to run smoother – not that it was not smooth, but just smoother than last year.

Jael de Pardo: Okay.

Tony Tellado: Yes. As far as the parts of the country that you visited in the first season if you will, what parts can you kind of tease us about and maybe some of the things that you ran into?

Jael de Pardo: Well…

Devin Marble: Well I’ll tell you what. I think that I can tell you a couple of places. We went to Utah, we went to Minnesota and Arkansas. But I think that honestly a lot of people aren’t going to know the names of the cities that we went to because it’s not like we went to the capitals.

Jael de Pardo: Right. We were in the back words for sure.

Devin Marble: That’s right. And even when we did find the small town where there was a legend or some sort of a scary story that people were frightened about, when we went to investigate it, it’s not like it was in the town either. We had to venture out a couple of miles into the middle of nowhere, so…

Jael de Pardo: Right.

Devin Marble: …I’d have to say that that might as close of a teaser we can give you is Minnesota because I’m not sure we were in a city necessarily.

Jael de Pardo: Right. We were in and around the areas of Minnesota and North Dakota, and that’s actually going to be our opening segment where it’s Devin and I trekking through the forest looking for an 8-foot humanoid creature that the locals call “The Hairy Man.”And that’s going to be our first opening show. Apparently this creature had been attacking a lot of the animals in the area. And so we go out there on our own adventure, just me and Devin…

Devin Marble: Yes.

Jael de Pardo: …and some cameras against this possible 8-foot said creature.

Devin Marble: Oh yes. I had my hunting knife with me.

Jael de Pardo: Oh I had a knife too.

Devin Marble: I’ll tell you what Tony. There was literally a location we went to in Idaho, and I googled the city and it popped up as a little marker on Google Maps. No roads, no highways, no dirt roads, nothing. It was just in the middle of this peach-colored sand spot on Google Maps. And that was pretty secluded. That’s about as far away as you can get.

Jael de Pardo: Yes. Aside from some of the forests of those areas, we’ve got a couple of swamps thrown in the mix and those were fun. Very buggy and hot. So there was more elements of nature to content with there for sure, but still a lot of fun.

Tony Tellado: Well one of the things I enjoyed — especially you Devin — that you’ve done is like do a viral videos that were on – available for the Web, you know, for Fact or Faked. Are you going to have something similar for Haunted Highway that you’ll both be doing?

Devin Marble: I think that the difference between Haunted Highway and Fact or Faked is that I have the luxury of a little bit of down time to kind of actually shoot those videos, whereas with Haunted Highway, the camera’s essentially strapped to my hand. So it’s almost like we’re doing a 24/7 viral video. But I don’t know, maybe we can pull some content from some of that footage and create some online content for you guys.

Tony Tellado: Sounds great. Thank you guys.

Jael de Pardo: Thank you.

Devin Marble: Thanks Tony.

Besides the 8-foot hairy man, what other critters or creatures or paranormal activity were you on the hunt for?

Jael de Pardo: As Devin mentioned before, we were in some of the northern states — North Dakota, Montana, we went down to Arkansas, we were in Louisiana and we have some ghost cases, but a lot of cryptid creature cases like hell hounds, there’s a skin stealer case, that kind of thing.

Devin Marble: Right? There were skin walkers – I mean…

Jael de Pardo: And there was also – there’s a swamp woman case as well.

Devin Marble: That’s correct. And we really went out there looking for things that were haunting the location that we went to. And when we met with some of the locals, it seemed at every single location there was something to be frightened of such as cryptids like Jael mentioned or even just a haunting, like a ghost. And what was the scariest thing you guys ran into? What area or creature were you after where things got really spooky?

Jael de Pardo: I would say our swamp woman case in Louisiana was pretty scary for me because we were right next to the swamp and there were a lot of poisonous snakes around the area as well.

Devin Marble: Right.

Jael de Pardo: …it was – dealing with the elements aside from what we were actually out there looking for.

Devin Marble: Yes. When you go to a location that has a list like cottonmouths, rattlesnakes, alligators, leeches, the water moccasin, all of these are – and poisonous spiders – and on top of that, you’re not looking for any one of those things.

Jael de Pardo: Yes.

Devin Marble: You’re looking for something that’s supposed to be more dangerous. And those are the locations when you’re really on your toes. And then when something happens, it’s by far the most startling for sure.

Why did you guys want to get involved in this project? What was it about this that really appealed to you?

Devin Marble: I got the opportunity to really answer questions for people in a very raw format – just instead of taking an entire production crew with us and making a big event about a location, going out there just Jael and me.”We’re not sure if we’re going to find anything at all. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance that we won’t. But we’re going to find this answer for you and we’re going to do it as real as possible, just me and her.” That type of storytelling I think is as real as it gets, and I was excited to be a part of that.

Jael de Pardo: Exactly. It has a raw nature where we were able to just jump on board as two investigators who could go on a road trip and really dig a lot deeper just because it was him and I on the road on our own. So that in itself was really exciting because we were documenting it.

Devin Marble: Not to mention the fact that there is a cache of legends and stories out there that don’t have answers, that don’t have a whole lot of evidence, just a ton of frightened people. And so when you have that much to go out and investigate, I think it just becomes very, very exciting.

While you guys were talking, I had to give this question, because on Fact or Faked there’s a lot of team switching around. Is that a possibility in the Haunted Highways?

Devin Marble: That’s a good question. I’m not really sure. I think that because the show is just kind of getting rolling, we’re getting our feet wet and solidifying the teams that we have right now. But I think that there is a possibility of switching things up a little bit. I guess we’ll have to see what audiences think of the show and how it’s received. Let’s see the future if we can see that. That’d be fun.

Jael de Pardo: Soon enough, July 3.

What kind of paranormal equipment will you be able to use in Haunted Highways given you’re filming yourselves?

Devin Marble: I got Jael pointing at me right now. Karen that is one of the other difficulties of this show is you’ve only got two hands.

Jael de Pardo: Yes.

Devin Marble: We have to find ways to kind of MacGyver things in the field. We do have very, very large travel backpacks that we kind of go climbing around with and they’re just chock full of equipment.So aside from having numerous infrared cameras and small little cameras that we can mount to things, a couple of tripods we’re taking audio equipment that allows us to hear in the distance. We’re bringing in equipment that allows us to see things in the thermal spectrum – heat signatures.And we’re also bringing in equipment that allows us to — in a practical way — be a balloon if we need to because that tacks well but it also allows us to raise something in the air. So we’re having to find ways to piece together practical ways of using minimal equipment.

Special thanks to the SyFy Channel

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