Exclusive: DC Comics’ INFINITE CRISIS Chapter 6 Preview

From Nerdist – DC Comics continues to put out top-notch digital first comics, and this time they’re turning their attention toward building up the meta-story around their hotly anticipated MOBA game, Infinite Crisis. When I spoke with writer Dan Abnett about tackling the sprawling multiversal mayhem of Infinite Crisis back in May, he told me that, “It’s big, it’s gonzo, it’s got wonderful takes, different takes on versions of heroes,” and so far the comic has not disappointed, especially with newcomers like Arcane Green Lantern. Now, six chapters deep, the plot is thickening faster than the the Flash’s skin after a particularly cutting remark from Batman. Take a peek at what’s in store in the latest issue of Dan Abnett and Stjepan Sejic’s Infinite Crisis in our exclusive preview from DC Comics.

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